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Sheryl's Journey

Puberty hit me like a truck – not in the way that Urban Dictionary describes it, but in the way that a cute kid is slammed by all the nasty things puberty can throw at them. Personally, my biggest issues were acne and weight gain.

My weight started to increase steadily but it never went beyond the “unacceptable” range. It didn’t help that I was a big eater and a major foodie too. One would describe me as chubby or thick (not thicc) around the middle. Even though I was still actively pursuing my hobby in ballet, I wouldn’t say my body was the ideal type to actually go far in that industry. I wasn’t particularly active outside of my normal ballet training too, and I now realise that it was because I could not exhaust all the calories I was piling on.

Despite all that, I was never quite bothered about my weight. “No big deal”, I always said. I loved my food – discovering new food places and tasting new food always gave me a thrill. However, my major turning point was when I realised that I weighed the heaviest amongst the members in my family. I knew at that moment that if I wanted to be healthy, I had to change my lifestyle and eating habits.
Weighing in at 69kg, Heaviest in the Family
I started going to the gym, and reduced my carbohydrate and sugar intake. I managed to lose 6kg that year, but that was only possible as I was still in university and had time to take care of myself. When I entered the workforce, the sedentary lifestyle caused the weight I had lost to return. I tried working out more and went back to my previous diet, but to no avail.

I felt defeated and extremely disappointed. I wanted to give up.

This was when I discovered ReShape by ReSupp. The supplement immediately boosted my metabolism, and I was motivated to achieve greater results. Feeling empowered again, I continued working out.

I could see my weight shedding itself off. In less than three months, I lost a total of 12kg! Imagine my delight of having gone down from a dress size of 14 to 8. My ballet teacher even sang praises when she saw my transformation. Not only do I feel healthier and fitter than before, but I also feel like I am thriving.
Living a Fitter and Fuller Life!
It has been more than a year since I have stopped taking ReShape, yet the effects are apparent. I have maintained my weight of 57kg since January 2020, even through the circuit breaker period when I was afraid of gaining back the weight I had previously lost! ReShape has helped to calibrate my body to it's optimal form, and for that I am worry-free and grateful.

I now feel like I have a new lease of life – this is only made possible with ReShape!